• Workshop Features:

    • One day workshop
    • Overview of  Tiger Management’s Doing Business Internationally Framework for Success©
    • Cases adapted from real cross-cultural business experiences
    • Video presentations of stories, analyses, ideal scenes and character insights
    • 3-step theoretical behavioral framework model (UAA)
  • Testimonials

    “You don’t need to know the language but you need to know how the Chinese think, and what makes them think that way. China is a 5000 year culture.  I recommend people study Chinese culture (first) rather than the language.
    By not only respecting, but also by acting more in accordance with the Chinese cultural ways of doing things, one gets off on the right foot, one develops a working relationship sooner, and one gets going on the project sooner.”

    —-  Roger Lawrence
    Senior Executive for McCormick & Company


    “Working in China is an entirely different cultural experience to working in western countries. Westerners need to understand and manage those cultural differences. While nothing will replace the need to learn “on the job”, some careful preparation can avoid misunderstanding, maximize the opportunities for successful business and heighten the enjoyment of the cultural experience. Programs like iways BRIDGING the GAPS™ can play an important role in that preparation – especially helping to understand the very different perspectives that Chinese bring to any business relationship. Importantly, iways can bring a global perspective to these cross-cultural communication issues.”

    —- John Larum
    Former President of China Business for UBS Global Asset Management


    “iways’s BRIDGING the GAPS™ is an excellent training product, based on a sound educational paradigm. It’s a practical program that utilizes custom-made video and discussion techniques, applicable to global developments in business and education. Anyone dealing with or intending to deal with Chinese business will benefit from BRIDGING the GAPS™.”

    —- Pam Jane Wadeson
    Former Foreign Expert in Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS)


    “Business is about communicating with people and winning their trust. So the importance of communication in business is self-evident, especially in cross-cultural contexts. The rapidly shifting business environment in China, together with changes in the Chinese peoples’ perceptions, behavior, and values have made communication with Chinese business people very challenging.

    During the past three decades, I’ve traveled extensively between China and the U.S. for business. During that time, I learned that differences in culture have dramatic impacts on business outcomes. Being bilingual, I have witnessed numerous occasions where there were misunderstandings across the negotiation table due to cultural differences despite the fact that both parties were speaking English. I have always thought that a tool to train both Chinese and non-Chinese to be aware of cultural differences would be extremely valuable.

    BRIDGING the GAPS™ from iways is such a tool. I have been pleased with these practical and useful training courses. The true-to-life videos have brought me back to many of my own business experiences. The BSSD Framework as well as the UAA Model is extremely applicable to real business communication. I think BRIDGING the GAPS™ is one of the best intercultural communication courses about China that I have ever encountered.”

    —- Timothy Shih
    Former Vice President of Boeing China Inc.


    “The course is very interesting with all those cases embedded in the movie of cross-cultural communication between Chinese and foreigners. The course sections are designed from the easy to the difficult step by step. The stories and case analyses are true-to-life and close to my life and work. In fact, before attending this course, I have been bothered by the complexity of Chinese people, the feelings that I cannot understand really what they think and why they behave like that, the misunderstandings and the unpleasantness at times. But this course enlightened me, giving me brand-new perspectives and frameworks on how to communicate with Chinese. Tools included in the course must be very helpful for getting along with Chinese colleagues in my future career.”

    —- Przemyslaw Drapikowski
    IES Global, Public Relations and Media Manager