• Workshop Features:

    • One day workshop
    • Overview of  Tiger Management’s Doing Business Internationally Framework for Success©
    • Cases adapted from real cross-cultural business experiences
    • Video presentations of stories, analyses, ideal scenes and character insights
    • 3-step theoretical behavioral framework model (UAA)

    With 95% of the world’s buying power outside the US, today’s global environment mandates that businesses think locally and act globally.

    • Companies are under increasing pressure to understand and manage cultural differences.
    • The risks are high if you cannot build trusting relationships with international clients, business partners, government officials, and employees. How do you avoid costly mistakes?
    • How do you quickly adapt to different global markets and attendant cultures as you take your business model to scale?

    This workshop focuses on cultural sensitivity, one of the six critical success factors identified in Tiger Management’s Doing Business Internationally (DBI) Framework for Success©.

    • As globalization continues, many companies are actively planning or expanding their business in China or hiring Chinese business people. Costly errors of judgment based on perceptions, assumptions and stereotypes occur frequently.
    • An understanding of both macro and micro cultural differences and the competence to manage such differences, are critical to the effective management of international business.
    • Due to the potential for conflicts to arise from culturally based misunderstandings, new communication practices are needed to manage these challenges.

    What if you had a “formula” for building winning business relationships with international colleagues and could apply this knowledge to growth markets around the globe?

    • This workshop teaches a proven model, “UAA,” and framworks, which can be applied to any intercultural situation around the globe. Learning points are reinforced via video presentation of a real case study about a company doing business in China – now the world’s second largest economy – and structured discussion with certified workshop facilitators.
    • Participants learn valuable skills about how to quickly develop “winning” relationships with business associates who may have different cultural orientations than their own.

    This workshop is designed for companies and organizations that are doing business in China today or planning to in the near future, and want to enhance skills in intercultural negotiation, decision making, team building, and international business management.